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Seller: GKM Flag DE Sell lunging aid! Good condition!

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Condition: Used - Very Good
Sell lunging aid! Good condition! - The lunging aid is easy to handle and uncomplicated. It gives the horse enough freedom to find its own position during lunging.
The horses have to balance themselves outwards, as this lunging aid does not offer a lateral limitation like other auxiliary reins.

The lungeing aid thus supports the forward-downward movement of the horse when working on the lunge and helps to build up the back and neck muscles.

It consists of a polypropylene cord and is made with a very soft material, so that no chafing occurs. The two cord ends can be continuously adjusted and attached to the bit or cavesson by one or two rings.
The lungeing aid should be adjusted to the horse's size and should not be buckled too short. The lungeing aid is correctly buckled when the horse's head is a hand's width in front of the vertical.

The lungeing aid has always served us well. Especially when building up the muscles after a break due to injury. Now we no longer need it. Therefore, a new horse owner is certainly happy. Condition see pictures!

Shipping against payment possible.

Private sale! no guarantee, no return!
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