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Good to have you here! ❤️

BillyRider is THE classifieds marketplace for the US, just for riders and horse lovers!
Why a separate marketplace just for us?
Because horse people "tick a little differently" and have their own special requirements. Every rider who has ever tried to buy a used english saddle in a certain seat size, from a certain manufacturer, in a certain condition and still in a certain price range can certainly "sing a song" about it.
The search has now come to an end - because we have:
  • Special categories and subcategories for the entire world of horse equipment. For example, you can browse the bridles category and then switch to the Riding Boots category.
  • Filters individually tailored to the categories, such as seat size for an eventing saddle or shape and size for a dressage pad.
  • Restriction option according to condition, such as "as new" or "used/good".
  • Easy search for suitable offers by specifying the minimum and maximum price.
  • Thousands of published ads from thousands of sellers. Due to the large number of offers, real bargains are possible in all areas of horse equipment.

We have divided the entire site into different subject areas for your convenience.

First there is the Equestrian Equipment and Horse Accessories section with its five categories:

We have also created our own themed world for buying & selling horses. Here you can buy a horse via a detailed search with numerous selection options according to breed, gender, height, age etc. You want to sell your horse? Of course, you can also set all these characteristics when selling and thus be seen specifically by potential buyers.

The saddle is of course the most important piece of equipment around the horse. Here you can specifically choose whether you are interested in a dressage saddle, a jumping saddle, an eventing saddle or a western saddle, for example. Of course, we also have all other types of saddles, such as lambskin pads and baroque saddles, etc. on the marketplace. For all saddles, you can of course enter your individual filters, such as seat size. You can also narrow your search to manufacturers such as Prestige, Wintec, Passier, CWD or Continental.

We recommend you to continue browsing in the category saddle pads and saddle cloths - after all, you can never have enough of them ;-) It's worth it and many a bargain from Eskadron, Gatsby, Equifit or Techquilt is waiting for you! Of course, you can also determine the shape to match the saddle: dressage, jumping or eventing can be set easily.

The bridles & nosebands section is also very important and includes numerous offers. Since there are countless riding styles to consider here and of course the horse must also be taken into account (after all, every horse is individual), there are also various subcategories here - for example, bitless bridles or also various filters: for bridles & headstalls and nosebands, you can of course specify in which size you are looking for something suitable for your horse. For example, you can search for Cob/Thoroughbred, Warmblood/Full, Draft horse/X Full, Pony, etc. and don't have to pick out "your" equipment from countless unsuitable offers.

In the area of horse blankets, the "classics" from Horseware, Bucas and Rider´s International are waiting for you and your horse! But also many other well-known manufacturers are represented with great offers!

Tendon boots, horse bandages & wraps, etc. you will of course also find in the category "for horses".

Continuing with the equestrian category: Here, of course, the categories riding boots and riding shoes & paddock boots are particularly worth mentioning. You can - how could it be otherwise - search specifically in your shoe size!

Good riding apparel is important and an expression of your own style. Of course, we have further subdivided these categories so that you can browse specifically for breeches & jodhpurs, riding jackets & coats, e.g. Important brands like Pikeur, Nobel Equestrian and Felix Bühler are represented here. The area of show apparel is its own category, which enjoys great popularity. Of course, all clothing can always be filtered by size.

Of course, safety is also an important topic. In this area, a lot has happened in recent years, so a visit to this category is definitely worthwhile! In addition to riding helmets, you will also find safety vests & back protectors. Currently, the models of the brands Samshield, Tipperary, Ovation and UVEX are very popular. Reflective apparel also increase safety immensely - especially in the dark season - and often cost only a few bucks used.

You will also find a selection of used whips, bats, crops & spurs in the equestrian section. Spurs from Sprenger are currently very popular.

Attention, you can also save in the sections tack room, stable equipment, etc. Here you will find tack lockers, horse & stable mats, feed buckets, hay nets, bags & rags and and ... It's always worth browsing here! You can also find horse trailers here!

And last but not least, we think: It is a much nicer feeling to have bought a saddle or other equipment for your loved at BillyRider than on a loveless site where you can also buy used cellphone and a sofa bed at the same time.

Become part of the 🐴 BillyRider family now!

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