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Riding lessons and riding - Riding lessons/riding in and around Stuttgart and as a course nationwide and/or with online lessons

Guideline: Understanding and honestly training horses

Fine riding as the basis of horse-friendly training and for gymnastics!
The training of your horse takes place with heart and mind😀.

- Professional riding and riding lessons according to classical principles at your place.

The aim of my work is to support you and your horse with advice and action through quality riding and / or riding lessons and to be there for you and your horse by finding solutions to riding problems and issues.
To encourage and challenge the horse in the development and training to an elegant, athletic and fine to ride riding horse - that is close to my heart!

The goal is a tactful and relaxed horse under the rider that can be gently and confidently guided by the rider's aids.
By systematically working out lessons and training sequences, taking into account the horse's own anatomy and the aspects of physics and biomechanics, momentum, straightness and collection can be worked out and developed to the perfection of each horse-rider pair.

To develop and maintain a harmonious unity between the partner horse and the rider is another goal of each lesson. A reins-independent seat as well as the supple aids is another basic and milestone in the training of horses and riders.

I agree with you as the owner on the training stages and the overall training goal, based on the needs of the horse.

The training and lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere and are characterized by calmness, patience and coherent action.
Welcome is every rider who is interested in a real, stable and fair training; regardless of age, breed, discipline (dressage/jumping/multi-discipline) or whether recreational or competition rider - because every horse-rider pair can and should be allowed to develop.

About me:
- Decades of training and experience in the training of horses from breaking in up to advanced dressage, Grand-Prix
- Silver riding badge (dressage)
- Successfully completed studies in horse management (B.Sc.)
- Wins and placements from young horse test to class S
- MY training has been done by two Grand-Prix trainers!

I offer you and your horse
- Training and riding lessons from the beginnings up to the difficult class (dressage) Grand-Prix
- Corrective riding for problem solving
- Work from the ground: for variety and supplement to the training under the rider/rider
* Work on the ground: Handwork/long rein
* Lunge work
* Double lunge work
- Preparation for all riding badges
- Training courses up to class S Grand Prix - Online tournaments
- Tournament accompaniment and support
- Online riding lessons
- Rehab for horses

Handwork can be used to start and/or continue training with horses in hand to learn and stabilize movement sequences up to the high exercises and lessons - in a playful, gymnastic and motivating way!
The handwork takes place under consideration of the individual anatomy! The knowledge of the biomechanics as well as the consideration of the physical laws has always in each unit importance and comes to the validity!

With the riding lessons, training and the handwork the dressage riders and equally come to the satisfaction and to the goals like the free time riders!
The horses find more looseness and mobility🤗sofar as it is regular
😁Harmony should arise

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